Adopting a Growth Mindset

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Most successful shop owners have a growth mindset. In spite of this past year, or perhaps because of it, it is even more important to maintain this mindset as we move forward into 2021.

Each year Paar Melis provides accounting and consulting to hundreds of auto repair shops across the country. While we can provide insight and advice on how to run a successful shop, we cannot make decisions for our clients or force them into action. It’s ultimately up to the shop owner to decide whether and how to implement the plan of action we’ve recommended.

The good news is anyone can adopt a growth mindset and think outside the box. It is not an innate part of who you are – mindsets are developed through life experiences. Here are some steps to take toward adopting a growth mindset to ensure you are continually adapting and growing:

  1. Always be learning

Immerse yourself in the information available. Subscribe to industry publications and podcasts. Read quality blogs and books. Attend industry conferences and events (even if they’re all still virtual!). There are so many quality sources of information out there and available for free; you just have to look. Join a coaching group. Follow auto shop groups on social media. Learn who the thought leaders and innovators are in the auto repair industry. Learning from the best and seeing others’ success can be inspiring. If you need some help seeking these people out, I can point you in the right direction.


  1. Get (un)comfortable

One of our clients told us that before he reached out to Paar Melis, he was comfortable with where they were. But he knew they would not grow from being comfortable. He said we made him very UNcomfortable with some of the decisions we’ve made together, and because this client chose to implement those decisions, his shop is on track to catapult past even their best year so far. Dhaval Gaudier once said, “The only thing stopping you from where you are to where you want to go is your comfort zone.”


  1. Set a vision and define goals

Think ahead 5 or 10 years and envision where you want to be. Break it down and figure out what you need to do to get there. When you are setting goals, be realistic. First, motivate your team for a common goal so everyone is winning. Reward them when you hit these goals you’ve set. Motivating others is a good way to motivate yourself. I go into this more in chapter 9 of my book Your Perfect Shop. You can download here for free:


  1. Don’t let failures bring you down

Failure is just another opportunity to learn and do better. There is no one that is successful in life who did not fail a few times along the way. Failure is necessary to learn and improve. No matter what this year brought for you and your shop, we can’t go back and change it. We are only moving forward, and your mindset will determine where you go from here.


If you follow these steps above, you will be well on your way to developing a growth mindset. And that is a great first step to owning a successful shop. It won’t guarantee success, but it will open the door to the smooth path to get there. Mindset + Goals + Action = Results.

If you have any questions about this list and getting started, please reach out!


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