About Us

Paar Melis & Associates has a wealth of experience providing expert accounting and tax services to automotive repair, collision and other businesses, and we have been doing so since 1992.

As our company has continued to evolve, we have expanded to offer our services nationally to any business seeking industry-specific insight, expert customer service and knowledgeable staff. 

Get to know Paar Melis & Associates

The Paar Melis Difference

We know how to work with automotive-industry clients.

Our staff members have a great depth of experience in accounting and working with automotive industry clients, making them perfect to answer your questions and meet your needs. 

We communicate clearly with all of our clients.

We want you to be informed for any business decision you need to make for your auto repair shop. Since we specialize in the automotive industry, we can offer the best advice for your business. 

We work to keep our clients tax ready throughout the year.

Whether it’s staying on top of tax code changes or preparing you to make your payments, we go above and beyond to prevent surprises at tax time. 


Jason Paar

Jason graduated from Shepherd University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and a minor in economics. Prior to starting Paar Melis & Associates, along with Reed Melis in 1992, Jason worked for a small regional accounting firm. He achieved his CPA designation in 1995.  He is a member of the Maryland Society of Accountants and an AICPA member as well.  His hobbies include golf, running, fitness, basketball and cars.

Direct Line: 301-703-5212 

 Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1013


Reed Melis

Financial Therapist/Partner

Reed worked in public accounting for 7 years prior to founding Paar, Melis & Associates in 1992. Reed conducts seminars, currently through the Automotive Training Institute, to instruct and train automotive repair shop owners to increase their profits and understand their “P or L.” Reed and his wife, Gina, are parents of Ashley and Drew. Reed is proud of his daughter’s accomplishments in college. You will often see him watching his son on the soccer field on the weekends. Reed also loves the Classics, cars and rock music. He will often travel to see a concert out of state.

Direct Line: 301-703-5201

 Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1002


Our Team

Monique Scott

Accounting & QuickBooks Specialist/Office Coordinator

Direct Line: 301-703-5204 
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1005 

Gail Brown

Accounting & QuickBooks Specialist

Direct Line: 301-703-5211 
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1012 

Terry Delph

Accounting & QuickBooks Specialist

Direct Line: 301-703-5209 
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1010 

Ralaine Moran

Junior Accountant

Direct Line: 301-703-5206 
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1007 

Karen Kunz

Junior Accountant

Debbie Soyland

Tax Specialist

Direct Line: 301-703-5220
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1021

Amy Goodale

Tax Specialist

Direct Line: 301-703-5216 
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1017 

Carrie Leach

QuickBooks Support

Direct Line: 301-703-5217

Troy Lavelle

Managing Accountant

Direct Line: 301-703-5219
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1020

Hunt Demarest

Certified Public Accountant

Direct Line: 301-703-5213
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1014

Debbie Brown

Accounting & QuickBooks Specialist

Direct Line: 301-703-5202
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1003

Pat Ferris

Accounting & QuickBooks Specialist

Direct Line: 301-703-5218
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1019

Lynn Young

Junior Accountant

Direct Line: 301-703-5210
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1011

Cheryl Ryan

Tax Specialist

Direct Line: 301-703-5221
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1022

Chris Draper

Tax Manager

Direct Line: 301-703-5215
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1016

Suzanne Totushek

Accounting & QuickBooks Specialist

Direct Line: 301-703-5207
Office: 301-829-4646 Ext. 1008