“Live! with Hunt.” What is it and how can it help shop owners?

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This blog will be a little different from our typical blog posts. Today we want to draw attention to an opportunity for shop owners to speak directly with a CPA about their financials. Not just any CPA, a CPA that has a specialization in the automotive repair industry.

First of all, what the heck is “Live! with Hunt?”

Well dear reader, I’m glad you asked. In essence, Hunt Demarest, CPA/ABV of Paar Melis and Associates, wants to make himself available to you, live, in real time, not recorded. (You can get a recording after the fact, but it won’t be very helpful if no one shows up to ask questions **Shrug**)

Why would he do that?

To answer your tax, accounting, business management, bookkeeping and general questions about automotive repair industry financials. This helps not only Paar Melis’ clients, but can assist shop owners in asking the right questions of their own people, especially if their financial managers, bookkeepers, or accountants are not industry specific. The more you know, the better you can help your business perform.

Do I have to be a client to watch and interact? Nope. You do not have to be a Paar Melis Client. Anyone who is part of the group “Your Perfect Shop,” is qualified and encouraged to listen in and throw questions Hunt’s way. Don’t worry, it’s easy to join, and doesn’t cost a thing.

What Qualifies Hunt to answer my questions? Hunt is qualified to speak on best practices and strategies because he is knowledgeable about specific tax laws that pertain to repair shops as well as most POS/SMS systems they use. This allows him to help shop owners really understand their financials so they can work together to improve the shop’s profitability. Since the automotive repair industry is his focus, he can provide industry specific insight that other accountants cannot.

How often is he planning on doing this?

Every month!

What do I have to do to join the next one?

  1. Go to Facebook.
  2. Join the group “Your Perfect Shop”

(below is the picture that will pop up when you search it. Or just use this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/456843564896104 )

  1. Once your request is approved, just watch for “Live! with Hunt” notifications every month (don’t worry, there will be more than one).

How can I make sure I don’t miss it?

Not only will it be announced in the group, but there will be an email (if you decide to join our mailing list) at least a week prior to remind you.

So, is Hunt a Saint or something?

Yes, but He’s also wants to see the privately owned automotive industry succeed, and believes that all shop owners should have access to information that will help them run their businesses to their full potential.

Do you have any other resources I can check out?

Yup. Hunt Partners with Aftermarket Radio Network ( https://aftermarketradionetwork.com/ ) to produce his podcast “Business by the Numbers.”

Go to Business by the Numbers here: www.paarmelis.com/business-by-the-numbers

He also wrote a book (with an optional audiobook) that spurred the creation of the Facebook group. You guessed it, it’s called “Your Perfect Shop.”

Check out Your Perfect Shop book/audiobook here: https://paarmelis.com/your-perfect-shop-book-download/


Want to know more? Email Info@Paarmelis.com



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