Helping The Next generation be Financially Responsible

Prefer to listen? Check out Podcast Episode #54 in Business by the Numbers Here: https://paarmelis.com/business-by-the-numbers Many people don’t know where to start in helping kids learn to be financially responsible.…

Preparing for Tax Season 2023

In the previous blog, we talked about the Federal Reserve minutes and the economic outlook for the rest of the year (https://paarmelis.com/how-we-got-here-and-where-were-going-business-outlook-2023/). Overall, my prediction was a flat year. I…

What is Your Time Worth?

While this might seem a little off the beaten path in terms of accounting, finance, and taxes, I find this to be an incredibly valuable concept to understand. Profit is…

5 Useful Tips for Tax Planning

  Welcome to the end of 2022! If you’ve made more money, then tax planning is the best thing you can do to ensure you see as much of that…

Update on the ERTC

The ERTC (Employee Retention Tax Credit) can cause a lot of confusion to small business owners. There are several layers to figuring out how and if you qualify. The good…

Tax Changes for 2022

2022 is already halfway over! There have been quite a few changes to tax rules for this year already (as there are every year) and we outline some important ones…

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